sculptural works

This is a selection of sculptural works using found objects together sometimes together with clay raw or fired.

 ‘Minne I (memory I)’

 found objects, unfired clay, glue,wood / 2016 / 32 x 47 cm

My mother loved making miniatures (miniatyrer) happily using whatever she got her hands on, cleverly re-thinking their uses. I have such fond memories making dolls houses out of cardboard boxes, beds and chairs out of lolly sticks, matches and corks, and wallpaper out ice cream wrappers.

She instilled in me the love for making, using my hands, learning as I went and this work is all about her. Her playfulness and inventiveness, which I so often use in my own creative practice. These memory boxes are in part little miniatures full of personal references and in part exploring the visual sense of tactile ness of  materials such as raw clay, paper, feathers, thread and dried lavender.

detail of ‘time goes’

unfired clay / found objects, glue,lavender ,wood / 2017/ 44x 58cm

‘untitled (upstairs,downstairs)

unfired porcelain / found objects, glue,lavender ,wood / 2016 / 38 x 45cm


 ‘minnes stund’

porcelain/ found objects, unfired clay,thread / 2016 / 39 x 30cm 



unfired clay, paper, wood ,lavender / 2016 / 32 x 20cm


‘ little combine series(creature)’

 found objects, glue / 2016/ 18 x 9cm

small combine series, How tall am I?

wooden box / found objects, glue / 2011 / 30 x 30 cm

5.little combines series detail

‘ little combine series(untitled)’

 found objects, glue / 2012 / 13 x 9cm