in my office

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I realised as I was having a clear out at home at my desk that there was a little collection starting to happen with little things that needed mending, found things and photos from friends. Sometimes the accidental can create such lovely little gatherings entirely unintentionally…

a day out in london

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photo 3I went to London to catch the Rauchenberg show at Tate Modern before it finished. I really enjoyed revisiting his work and seeing some new pieces that I hadn’t seen before. The combines are probably still my favourite but some of his early materials experiments were really rather lovely too. When I was there I went and had a look at Tillmans exhibition aswell as revisiting some of my favourite Louise Bourgeois pieces in the new building.

photo 1

I love the use of family dresses and the suspended abstractness. Until I encountered these I always associated her work with her spider sculptures but have since then found quite a lot of her work really inspirational.

photo 2