These are some examples of previous work.

‘Line II’ detail

ceramic / porcelain, earthenware wood fired / 2011 / varying sizes

Work made during my Project Network residency at the International Ceramic Centre at Guldegaard in Denmark. The works were all thrown on a wheel, cut and reassembled and then very carefully fired.

‘line I’

black earthenware/thrown and assembled / 2011/ 200 x 150 cm

I have always loved drawing, tracing lines of movement across the paper, allowing the pencil to move where it wants to create abstract marks and textured surfaces. A line can be a long narrow mark or stroke made on or into a surface, an imaginary path or perhaps a train of thought, a boundary or row of words or numbers. A trace.

This body of work is about exploring the sculptural and material qualities of abstract line in clay. The line can be soft or defined, dense and thin or sparse and thick – many different appearances of this one subject. I enjoy the varied pace and slowness in the making of these strands on the throwing wheel. Just like in my drawings on paper there are areas of intense mark making where the lines are piled but also sections of quiet openness.

‘line I’ detail

black earthenware/thrown and assembled / 2011/ 200 x 150 cm


stoneware and earthenware /1998 / varying sizes

Hand thrown bowls made during my Foundation course at Mullsjo folkhogskola in Sweden.